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world's largest pistachio
World's largest Pistachio at Pistachioland in Alamogordo, NM

Bring your appetite to PistachioLand

This glorious tree nut at Pistachioland in New Mexico had been on my list for a couple of years. I’m not entirely sure why, but I find people’s desire to produce the “World’s Largest” things intriguing. But I knew my opportunity had come when we took our spring break voyage to Galveston.

view from ice cream counter of worlds largest pistachio at pistachioland
View from ice cream counter of worlds largest pistachio at Pistachioland.

Getting to Pistachioland

Pistachioland, as my husband pointed out during our hour detour, is NOT “on-the-way” from Phoenix to Galveston. If you happen to be traveling from Albuquerque to Las Cruces or El Paso, you’ll drive right by it on NM highway 54. But if you feel a hankering for pistachio goodness when you’re on I-10, it’ll cost you more than 2 hours and a 150 mile round trip. Luckily the stunning dunes of White Sands National Park was also on the to-do list that morning, so we had all worked up an appetite. And were “in the neighborhood”, as I like to say;).

pistachioland tasting station
Pistachio tasting station… yum!

Find your favorite Pistachio flavors

We spotted the glorious landmark about a mile away and the kids were as excited as I’d hoped they’d be. The delicious aroma of roasted nuts filled the air when we opened the door to the surprisingly spacious store. We really enjoyed the tasting station to find our favorite flavors; Bo picked bacon ranch while Macey & I enjoyed the lemon-lime.

new mexico wares at pistachioland
Delicious New Mexico wares fill the shelves at Pistachioland.

Load up on New Mexican Treats

Locally made delights are always fun souvenirs for ourselves, family and friends, so we loaded up on New Mexico style salsa, pistachio brittle, coffee, jams, honey and who could resist pistachio stress balls?!?!

pistachio tree during winter at Pistachioland
Bo comparing himself to the Pistachio tree

Walk among the Trees

Since the store is on the farm grounds, guests are greeted by rows of pistachio trees. We marveled at how small they actually are to produce the amount of nuts that fill the store. We happened to stop by at the end of winter, but I’m sure they would be pretty all decked out in summer foliage.

farm tour at pistachioland
Farm tram tour loading up.

Take a farm tour

We all chose to pass on the farm tram tour as it was the last destination on our 9 day trip. We did, however, enjoy watching the green golf cart drive past with guests as we ate our ice cream treats. When our bellies and treat bags were full, we grabbed our family pic with the World’s Largest Pistachio, then headed back down the road.

Have you been here? What did you think?


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