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Mitchie Tavern
Beautifully manicured property of Mitchie Tavern is the perfect bite of history on the way to Monticello.

Mitchie Tavern is Gonna Get You: Perfect bite of Virginia History

Running low on energy with an hour to kill before our Monticello tour, we stopped into the Mitchie Tavern for a fantastic dose of history with a side of deliciousness.

Admiring a piece of history

During the American Revolution, Colonel William Mitchie built this marvelous structure on his family’s land and opened “The Ordinary” in 1784. The large structure was heavily trafficked by weary travelers could grab a bite and rest their heads. Locals often gathered in the large assembly room for celebrations, church services and even school.

mitchie tavern meeting room
This meeting room housed debates about the birth of the nation.

After serving as a private residence for several decades, the Tavern was purchased in 1928 by local businesswomen Mrs. Hendersen. Siezing an opportunity to capitalize on the tavern’s architecture and history, the structure was dismantled and relocated 17 miles to its current location a half mile from Monticello.

mitchie tavern pub
Each board of the Mitchie Tavern was painstakingly removed and labeled before being hauled to this site and reassembled.

Sip and snacking on local fare

Open for lunch daily from 11:30am – 3:00pm, the southern buffet offers something for every taste. We obviously loaded up on fried chicken, mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits. Always a sucker for local beverages, we were excited to sample local sodas and brews with our meal. Beverages from local breweries and wineries are available during lunch and at the pub Fridays and Saturdays from 3:30 – 7:00pm.

Mitchie Tavern lunch
When traveling, our favorite meal out is lunch, so the Mitchie Tavern was an obvious win.

Learning about colonial life

After filling our bellies, we wandered around the property to find the blacksmith shop closed. But luckily, the Meadow Run Grist Mill was open. Also dismantled and transported over 50 miles to the site, this beautiful structure now houses the General Store. Typical souvenirs were definitely available, but more interesting were centuries old relics like buttons, currency and antiques discovered in basements, attics and backyards of the area.

Mitchie Tavern Grist Mill
The water wheel turns outside of the former grist mill turned General Store.

Have you been to the Mitchie Tavern?

Tell us about your adventure in the comments!

Mitchie Tavern rules
This rule board was one of our favorite finds at the Mitchie Tavern.

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