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people going down waterslide at magic springs
Family racing down body slide at Magic Springs Park in Hot Springs, AR.

Magic Springs: family fun for a great value

This place holds our family record as most fun for the price. At the time of our visit in 2021, the Google reviews on this park weren’t stellar since everyone was trying to work out the bugs after being closed during the pandemic. We decided to give it a chance and weren’t disappointed.

After a surprisingly fast check-in, we popped our bag in a locker and headed for the giant water slides. I couldn’t believe how the kids scurried right to the top of the belly slide and squealed that they wanted to go again at the bottom! As we wandered through the park, we discovered a fabulous offering of water and amusement rides to entertain our crew aged 4 – 60.

The waits were a breeze in covered lines that moved efficiently. Feeling a little warm after that roller coaster? Grab a couple of water slides on your way to the next one! There are many parks that have a water side and an amusement side, but the way these two were woven together with winding paths and native treed landscaping was really “magical”:)

Tips for a great time…

Tip #1: Check the daily rates against the seasons pass. We were only there for 1 day, but season pass came with a buddy pass and worked out to be cheaper for our crew. It also came with a refillable drink which was super handy during the day. We bought ours online and included the parking pass so we could park and get playing when we got there!

Tip #2: Find a comfy water shirt, shorts and shoes to wear all day so you can bounce between the slides and rides (which require butts and stomachs to be covered).

Tip #3: Take in some snacks! Kids seem to want to eat 17 times a day, and this park allows a small cooler.

Tip #4: Don’t get stuck at the first set of large slides. There are water and amusement rides around the whole park, so make sure to wander thru and see them all!


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